Grip Of Honor

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Great series!

I loved this series! The characters and storyline suck you in and are very believable. I am really looking forward to the next books to see how they continue to survive.

Lisa S. May 21, 2023

Great wrapup but what's next!

Fantastic story and can't wait for a continuation. Author did a wonderful job tying the characters though a dynamic story with tons of action!

John M. May 18, 2023

5.0 out of 5 stars Grip of Honour - a review by Rosemary Kenny i

End of Days Book 7 is Sam J. Fires' series finale, Grip of Honour. Sisters Charlie and Cass Drewer are central to the action, throughout this thrilling dystopian future vision of a world gone mad, following the destruction of power sources by Howard - a Manson-like, megalomaniacal, self-proclaimed neo-Messiah - and his brainwashed followers. Merciless death, destruction and perverse, ritualistic behaviour follow in his footsteps, as he orders the destruction of a stockpile of supplies, (and the minister distributing them) at a local Meadowview church, before moving their murderous attention to the hospital. Shocking, riveting, attention-grabbing and ultimately heart-warming, get your copy of Grip of Honour today...and buckle up for a wild ride! Recommended to fans of Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle and Tara Ellis.

Rosemary56 March 24, 2023


Read all the books available so far in the series and loved them! Since I’m from Portland I loved that the story was based out of there and around Bend. Can’t wait for more!

Kwalk February 18, 2023

Great Series

Well worth the read. Enough action and personal interest aspects to create an enjoyable, exciting story.

Peg November 9, 2022

4.0 out of 5 stars Great Ending to an Enjoyable Series

I’d waited over four weeks for this last book of the series to come out and finally downloaded with it anticipation. I devoured and enjoyed every word. It continued the story of sisters Cass and Charlie, and the town of Meadowview and its citizens. Cass had arrived with Isaac and being an a ex-marine, he now joined up with Jonas, the Police Chief’s son to help track down Howard, the cult leader, who had been causing havoc in the town. I liked the character of Jonas even though we’d had mixed messages about him throughout the series. It was never totally clear whether he was a misunderstood good guy or not. In this last book, I liked him all the more. What I didn’t like much was that Charlie ended up with someone who wasn’t even a main character.. The climax to the story was exciting as they eventually located cult leader, Howard. What they discovered was truly chilling and it’s frightening how humanity can turn on itself like that. What I wasn’t too keen on was what happened after the ending. I was satisfied when I finished the book. The bad guy got rid of, the town leaders reconciled, and it seemed a perfect ending. Except, the author added an end note of unanswered questions, like Why did the power go out? I’d accepted that it had, and now my need to know along with the answer to other questions posed, was overwhelming. Next year, the author said, a new series is coming out amd will address that. But I need to know now! Overall, it’s an excellent series and I highly recommend it to both post-apocalyptic, and novella lovers. I will give this book four stars as opposed to five, simply because of Jonas, and the spoiler, or teaser, depending on which way you look at it, at the end.

Kazz Moss October 26, 2022

Another great series from Sam J Fires

Always an entertaining writer this series has both strong female and male heroes worthy of our interest. Interesting plots and critical views of various townsfolk add color and flavour to the readings. Well worth the prices and effort of reading and missing a few hours of sleep.

monte8888 October 26, 2022

End of the Journey or the Start of?

Grip of Honor, the final installment in Sam J Fire's Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller series, is a gathering in of the people who have struggled so hard to survive, a turning point for the town of Meadowview, Oregon and a surprise ending. At the open of the story, Jonas, Isaac, Cass and Charlie are watching in disbelief at the explosion and fire of the town church, where the last of their supplies had been stored. Harper, the dedicated nurse, shrieks in horror, guiding Jonas and Isaac's attention to a bloody hand in the wreckage. Despite the hope shared by the group, there aren't any survivors nor is there evidence that Howard, the terrorist who has perpetrated all of this violence upon Meadowview, has been killed. Despaired and defeated, the tensions between Jonas and his Militia and Isaac, are at an all-time high as the townspeople try to figure out how to survive and defend themselves against further harm from Howard. Cass and Charlie begin to break down the barriers blocking their sisterhood. Each of them goes to see their prepper parents to ask for help, to no avail. Harper and Javier are growing closer although Harper is chaffing under Javier's overprotectiveness. A plan is implemented to search the nearby rental properties for supplies. When Cass and Charlie go together to look, Charlie is captured by Howard's henchmen and Cass barely escapes to get back to warn everyone of Howard's plan and to organize a rescue for Charlie. Meadowview's continuation hangs in the balance as does Charlie's life. How will the saga of our troop of friends end? Will they finally get rid of Howard? Who will run Meadowview? Will the power come back on? What horrors face our beloved characters? You must finish the series to find these answers. And, since you've come this far (and loved every minute of it), you know you will. What an excellent read this has been, I'm going to miss Meadowview and the plucky people who have made it their home.

Rabid Reader October 21, 2022

Great ending

As with all the other entries in this series, I found myself on the edge of seat throughout. Well done.

SNF1 October 20, 2022

From Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author…

Before, there was ordinary life. Now, every minute is a fight to survive.

Yet more tragedy strikes Meadowview, and Charlie’s life is in grave danger. If her sister doesn’t act fast, she might die.

Grab the epic final instalment in the End of Days series now!

From Sam J Fires comes the enthralling End of Days series, a post-apocalyptic EMP survival thriller featuring flawed, complex characters, and adrenaline-fueled action and adventure. Perfect for fans of Harley Tate, Ryan Schow, Grace Hamilton, Kyla Stone, and Boyd Craven.

Grip of Honor is book 7, and the final book, in this brand-new post-apocalyptic EMP survival thriller. If you enjoy tales of ordinary folk thrown into harrowing situations, you’ll love the End of Days series!

Get your copy now!

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